Under Control Bookkeeping & Xero

Under Control Bookkeeping & Xero

Outsourcing a bookkeeper gives a business their own sweeper who keeps the books clean and ready to go.

McPherson Financial Solutions recommends Xero. Xero makes data entry processing and bank reconciliations a breeze. The on-line software produces invoices and handles payroll with a fraction of the stress and worry. Up-to-date information makes cash flow forecasts, year-end processing and Business Activity Statements (BAS) preparation both fast and efficient. Best of all, it’s possible to do it all while off-site. For new-comers to Xero we can provide training so their business can join the cloud and see what everyone is talking about.

Our bookkeeping staff are also up to date with MYOB and Quickbooks.

“It’s important to realise the cost to your business when you or your key staff are spending time on these bookkeeping tasks”. (David McPherson”)


Xero – Cloud Accounting

Xero is beautiful accounting software that has absolutely changed the way people do business all over the world. Watch the game – changer in action.

These are just some of the amazing things Xero can do;

Xero gives you accurate and timely data all of your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills and can be accessed any time anywhere on Mac, PC, tablet or phone. The relevant bank data is fed into the Xero system enabling businesses to keep real time and accurate financial accounts. It even reconciles your bank statement for you.

Using Xero is a breeze, it uses clear and easy to understand language. Your business can run so much smoother using Xero for payroll, invoicing, expenses and tracking cash flow. All the hassles of bookkeeping are handled in one easy to use system.

Xero is in the Cloud like your internet banking, you can access it from anywhere and everywhere, so you don’t have to feel so tied to your place of business.

Xero lets you spend less time on bookwork and allows you to stay focused on what you do best.
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